As we noted in last article, the theory of evolution primarily rests on the supposed evidence for it in the fossil record. These are the billions of dead and rapidly buried plants and animals that are found all over the world. If evolution happened, the fossil record should abound with billions of transitional forms. We also noted that Charles Darwin was decrying the fact that no intermediate, or transitional, fossils had been found in his day. None have been found as of today, one hundred and forty six years after he made that statement.

We also noted that if Special Creation were true, we would find the sudden appearance of each species with no transitional forms. The fossil record shows exactly that.

If you listen to the news and read National Geographic you would have observed that they are finding these "missing links" all the time. I can assure you, that none have been found. These announcements are nothing but a desperate attempt to legitimize a Godless philosophy by fooling untaught, and unconcerned, and brainwashed people. They know, that based on the indoctrination most people get in school, the general public will not investigate what they say and accept it as the truth without questioning it.

In this article we will show you some of these supposed missing links, focusing primarily on man. In the space available, we will only be able to give brief details about each of these "missing links. For more detail visit my web site and view the special Creation slide show at: www.creationministriesofhuntsville.org or The Institute for creation Research at www.icr.org and search for any subject we mention here.

Letís look at a few of theses missing links:

    1. archaeopteryx: Is a supposed transitional fossil between reptile and bird. Although it had some reptilian features such as teeth, it was a true bird. Dr. Henry Morris has said, "It had wings, not lings, Feathers, not sceathers." He goes on to say that a transitional creature with half wings and legs, could not fly and could not run and would have been destroyed and probably eaten by the others of his species. Dr. Gish enumerates the insurmountable difficulties a creature would have in evolving from reptile to bird in his "Basic Creation" video series lessons on origins, and his book "The Fossils Still Say No."

Although it is still touted as a missing link by some evolutionists, most serious paleontologists and other scientists now recognize Archaeopteryx as a true bird.

The missing links that interest us most, is the ones claimed to be the transitional links between Primate and man. It seems like every week we hear of a new creature that proves we evolved form Primates. How many true missing links are there? Absolutely none! It is an interesting phenomenon that claims are made, refuted when the true facts are known, and the only publicity they get is when they are found. Nothing is ever said when the claims are proven false.

The supposed evolution process from primate to man is presented by evolutionists as follows:

Suggested Ancestor



10-17 million years ago

Australopithecus (Southern Ape)

1-4 million years ago

Homo Erectus (Java man-Peking man)

0.3-1.5 million years ago

Homo sapiens (Neanderthal man, Cro-Magnon man, modern day man.

0.1 million years ago

Keep in mind that the table above is nothing but an imaginary construct of evolutionists based on the "assumption" of evolution. There is nothing in the fossil record to authenticate these supposed links. Note what Dr. Morris says about some of these supposed ancestors to man: "Any discussion of specific fossils is out of date nearly as soon as published, so it is almost redundant to critique the hominids currently in vogue. The once-fashionable names of Java Man, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Heidelberg Man, Rhodesia Man, Peking Man, and others that used to be offered as proof of manís evolution are nowadays all but ignored in anthropological discussions. Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Man are now universally accepted as Homo sapiens(modern man). Even Ramapithecus is currently out of favor as an early hominid, being recognized now as simply an orangutan. All of the anthropologists agree, however, when it comes to fighting creationism".

In my Creation presentation we go into greater detail on each of these "missing links", but letís review a couple of them which were total shams.

"Piltdown Man" was a supposed ancestor of man but, notice the true facts about him: "Piltdown was an archaeological site in England where in 1908 and 1912 human, ape and other mammal fossils were found together. In 1913 at a nearby site was found an ape's jaw with a canine tooth worn down like a human's. The general community of British paleoanthropologists came to accept the idea that the fossil remains belonged to a single creature that had had a human cranium and an ape's jaw. In 1953, Piltdown 'man' was exposed as a forgery. The skull was modern man and the teeth on the ape's jaw had been filed down". In addition the remains were soaked in iron salts to be made to appear old. It fooled the worlds greatest experts! Why do you think they were so easily fooled?

Another quick example of evolutionists gullibility is Nebraska Man. Nebraska Man was reconstructed from what was later found to be the tooth of an extinct pig. This evidence was used by Clarence Darrow at the famous Scopes Trial to try to force the teaching of evolution in public schools. It too had fooled all the experts of the day. Again, we ask the question, why? Duane Gish has said, "Nebraska Man is a case where a scientist made a man out of a pig and a pig made a monkey out of the scientist".

Man has not evolved from primates. If he has he did so without leaving a trace. Evolutionist Scientists are frantic to find evidence that man has evolved from apes, but none has been found.

Man is a special creation, created in the image of God. No other creature has this attribute, none even come close. When we see the desperate attempts of man to deny this fact, we can ask the question that was asked in: Hebrews 2:6(NKJV) "But one testified in a certain place, saying: "What is man that You are mindful of him,

Or the son of man that You take care of him?

In Noahís day Man had become so deplorable and evil that God determined to destroy him. Jesus said similar circumstances would exist prior to his second coming (Matt. 24:37-38). Can we rationally deny that man is morally deteriorating to that point today at an awe-inspiring pace?